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Use of ACI Committee Reports and Guides in Project Specifications

ASCC Position Statement #13

Concrete contractors study project specifications before bidding to review specification requirements for concrete and to quantify the impact of those requirements on cost and schedule. 

Several ACI reference specifications are often correctly cited in project specifications, but ACI committee reports and guides are also often cited when they should not be. For instance, ACI 302, “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction,” is often cited as a reference. This and other ACI documents, however, contain clear instructions for correct usage in contract documents:

“Reference to this document shall not be made in contract documents. If items found in this document are desired by the Architect/Engineer to be part of the contract documents, they shall be restated in mandatory language for incorporation by the Architect/Engineer.”

Some specifiers attempt to make reports and guides part of the contract documents by including statements such as the following within the specifications:

  • In publications referred to herein, advisory provisions shall be considered to be mandatory; 
  • Replace “could” or “should” with “shall” to make all the references referred to as mandatory requirements; and
  • All references included in the project specification shall be considered as part of the contract documents.

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