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October 2020: ASCC Working on Constructability Index -- But Need Case Studies

September 2020: How to Search for Products

August 2020: Request for Information (RFI) and Rework

July 2020: Q & A in ACI Concrete International

June 2020: Q & A at ACI Concrete International Activities

May 2020: ASCC Looking for Submittals - Wet Weather Protection Activities

April 2020: What Brings You to the ASCC Hotline?

March 2020: Participate in ACI Discussion

February 2020: The Beginning - How the ASCC Position Statements Started

January 2020: Input Needed - Rubbed Finishes


December 2019:  Making Economical Cents Out of ACI 301 WWR Requirements

November 2019: Where is that Info

October 2019: Laser Scanning for F-numbers: A Caution Specfication Compliance

September 2019: Be a Resource; ASCC Has Your Back

July/August 2019: CPC Assists ACI-ASCC 310 to Create Specification for Polished Concrete

June 2019: ACI Technical Committee Update

May 2019: ACI Technical Committee Update

April 2019: Contractors Needed on ACI Committees

March 2019: ACI Code Change Proposal for Tolerances in IBC 2018

‚ÄčJan/Feb 2019: Comment on New ACI 318 to be Published in 2019


December 2018: ASCC Hosts Second Laser Scanning Workshop for Concrete Construction Tolerances

November 2018: Get in Touch with the Constructability Column

October 2018: ASCC Laser Scanning Study Completed in San Francisco

September 2018: Expanded Joint Flooring Presenters Selected

August 2018: Fast Track - From May Technical Committee Meeting to September ACI Publication

July 2018: On-Line Learning Opportunities 

June 2018: A Look at the Effects of Nonstandard Cylinder Strength Testing

May 2018: Technical Committee News from Committee Week

April 2018: ACI-ASCC 117 Tolerance Committee Needs Your DATA

March 2018: Watch Your Back Charges

February 2018: ASCC Laser Scanning Workshop a Success

January 2018: ASCC Hosts Laser Scanning Workshop on Concrete Construction Tolerances


December 2017: Protecting Early-Age Concrete from Multiple Freeze-Thaw Cycles during Construction

November 2017: Update to WWR Tolerance Question from October 2010

October 2017: Concrete Polishing Council (CPC) Pushes Ahead

September 2017: Rain, Rain Stay Away from Fresh Concrete!

August 2017: Roman Concrete is NOT Better Than Today's Concrete!

July 2017: ACI 134, New Constructability Committee, Features Jim Cornell as Chair

June 2017: Movements that Affect Tolerance Measurements

May 2017: Technical Committee Works Hard at ASCC Committee Days

April 2017: Happenings at ACI in Detroit

March 2017: Understanding ACI Jargon

February 2017: What's Wrong with My Concrete


December 2016: ASCC Sponsoring Finisher Certification at World of Concrete 2017

November 2016: "Pre-construction Checklist for Concrete Slabs to be Polished" Under Development

October 2016: Does Your Concrete Bleed?  Consider a New Provision in ACI 301-16

September 2016: Consider Excluding Formed Concrete Surface Specifications in Your Bid

August 2016: New Publications Highlight Concrete Construction

July 2016: Beware of Structural Designs that Use Reinforcing Steel for Shrinkage and Temperature Crack Control

June 2016: Concrete Slabs Under Operable Partitions

May 2016: Rounding for Specification Compliance

April 2016: How to Join an ACI Technical Committee

March 2016: ASCC Hotline from Beginning to Now - the 30 years of Ward R. Malisch

February 2016: Rethinking Effects of Time and Construction Procedures on Compliance with Construction Tolerances

January 2016: Concrete Finishing Activities at World of Concrete 2016


December 2015: Field Acceptance of Air Content, Slump and Temperature of Fresh Concrete

November 2015: Using Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) for Worker Safety

October 2015: ASCC Staff Activities at ACI Convention in Denver

September 2015: Improving ACI 301 by Public Discussion

August 2015: Getting Help Faster When Calling the Hotline

July 2015: Do Contractors' Inserts in Concrete Affect Fire Resistance?

June 2015: Bugholes: How many are too many, if they can be measured?

May 2015: What a Mockup Should and Should Not Be

April 2015: We Can Make a Difference in ACI Documents!

March 2015: Reaching Out To Specifiers

February 2015: Bidding Is Not Suppose To Be A Guessing Game: Part 2

January 2015: Specification for Concrete Strength: Minimum 4000 psi - Maximum 5500 psi


December 2014: Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Recommendations for Specifications

November 2014: Construction Measurements for ACI 117 Tolerance Committee

October 2014: What Causes My Concrete to Crack? 

September 2014: Technically Speaking at the Annual Conference

August 2014: Concrete Encased Underground Electrical Duct Banks

July 2014: General Principles of Tying Reinforcing Bars

June 2014: ASCC Provides Help with Core and F-number Testing

May 2014: ACI 318 - 14 Building Code Out for Public Discussion

April 2014: Busy May – Technical Committee, Topping Slab Workshop and ACI 318

March 2014: Can Concrete Contractors Meet These Requirements?

February 2014: ACI Cold Weather Provisions for Massive Metallic Embedments

January 2014: ASCC Announces Concrete Topping Slab Workshop During Committee Days


December 2013: Assessing the Owner's Responsibility and Authority

October 2013: Thin Concrete Cover Reduces Fire Resistance

August 2013: Cracks, Cracks, Cracks... What is a Reasonable Level of Cracking?

July 2013: The Answer According to ACI - Simple But Requires Thinking!

June 2013: Strategy for a Hotline Call

May 2013: Limits on Pour Sizes - Balancing Cost, Schedule and Quality

April 2013: Reorganizing ACI 318 - What Does That Mean to Concrete Contractors

March 2013: ASCC and NRMCA Cooperate on Fresh Concrete Performance Expectations

February 2013: ACI/CSRI Adhesive Anchor Certification at Annual Conference

January 2013: Bidding Is Not Supposed To Be A Guessing Game