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Make Safety a Value

  • Obtain ASCC board buy-in
  • Meet or exceed safety requirements in all ASCC activities
    • Publications
    • Demonstrations
  • Communicate necessity for priority with membership
  • Involve non-council members in committees, subcommittees, task forces, etc.
  • Create reasons for safety personnel to attend events
  • Include at least one safety seminar @ CELF and Annual Conference
  • Enhance/elevate safety awards
  • Create a document that illustrates the value/cost of the safety process
  • Require safety compliance of all partners in all their activities: publications, demos, photographs

Provide the Tools for Contractors to Create a Zero Injury Environment

  • Identify our customers
  • Regularly solicit input from members to determine their needs
  • Identify and address emerging trends
  • Research and publish industry best practices
  • Address lack of Spanish safety tools
  • Expand website content
  • Enhance safety hotline
  • Add safety seminars to ASCC University
  • Investigate new safety publications

Drive Utilization of What We Create

  • Market directly to safety directors and owners
  • Make all materials available in electronic form
  • Utilize e-mail blasts
  • Promote use of web site
  • Monitor member utilization
  • Make better use of newsletter page
  • Market our products via other associations

Enhance Interface with ASCC Leadership

  • Propose Safety Committee become the Safety & Risk Management Council
  • Assume Insurance Committee responsibilities
  • Liaison with other ASCC Main Committees
  • Add contractor owners to the council
  • Get non-council people involved

Enhance the Safety Council Member Experience

  • Integrate council into overall ASCC experience
  • Provide learning opportunities for council members
  • Dedicate portion of meeting to safety problem resolution
  • Hold meetings at contractor’s offices and incorporate site visits
  • Interaction with other associations
  • Explore creating Safety MIX Groups

Create Strategic Alliances

  • Associations
  • Vendors
  • Regulatory bodies

The ASCC is the only association by and for all concrete contractors

ASCC concrete contractors members only