Technical Documents

Part of the CPC's mission is to establish a clear, concise technical foundation for the concrete polishing industry. The CPC has worked closely with polishing contractors, manufacturers and designers to compile specifications, guidelines, and position statements.




Intended Audience




ACI-ASCC 310.1-20 Specification for Polished Concrete Slab Finishes 

Design Community

A Reference Specification to be cited by A/Es in the Project Specifications on any construction project involving polished concrete on slabs-on-ground and suspended slabs. 

Polished Concrete Appearance Chart



Polished Concrete Aggregate Exposure Chart

Design Community, Architects,
Owners, GCs, Concrete Slab Contractors

To set an industry standard
supports polishing contractors

Position Statements

#1 Slab Protection by Others

#2 Slip Resistance of Polished Concrete

#3 Coordinating the Concrete and Polishing Contractors Subcontracts

#4 Separation of Semirigid Concrete Floor Joint Fillers

#5 Effects of Slab-Surface Finish Density on Polished Concrete

How to Use CPC Position Statements


Member benefit for contractors to have documents published by a national association that explain and support their interests when dealing with GCs, architects, and owners

Maintenance Brochure


CPC Member Benefit

A hand off for the polishing contractor to leave with the owner that clearly defines best care for the polished floor.

Floor Protection Banner GC, Subcontractor,
CPC Member Benefit

Free high resolution downloadable file for self-printing job-site signs up to 3 ft. x 5 ft. Lists precautions and best practices when working on a polished floor.

Checklist for the Polished Concrete Pre-Construction Conference




Supplemental Checklist for Concrete to Receive a Polished Finish

Polishing Contractors, 
Slab Contractors, GC, 
Specifiers, Architects

CPC Member Benefit

To create a conversation prior to construction that will uncover any potential problems for the polishing contractor to meet the specification

To ensure slab to be polished has been delivered as speced, inin order that the owner's vision will be realized.


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