Member Benefits of the Concrete Polishing Council (CPC)

1) Certification – CPC Certification is the industry recognized qualifier of concrete polishers. With online learning modules, the program is both an educational tool and a job site resource. Certification is offered at the Tradesman and Craftsman levels and require a combination of technical skills, decision making abilities, and proven work history.. 

2)  Four Telephone Hotlines – FREE to Members – These telephone lines are staffed by experts who can answer your questions.  Includes Polished Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Concrete Construction, Safety and Insurance.             

3) Position Statements – Papers written by ASCC technical experts discuss issues frequently faced by polished concrete contractors including "Slab Protection by Others" and "Slip Resistance of Polished Concrete." The statements explain what the contractor can and cannot realistically do.

4) Polished Concrete Safety – Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs) for specific polished concrete tasks such as Surface Preparation and Epoxy Coatings.

5) Webinars – 45-minute webinars, offered monthly, provide members access to speakers and topics from the comfort of their offices. A mix of business and technical topics have included Selection & Maintenance of Polished Concrete Floors, Contradictions in Polished Concrete and Polished Concrete Maintenance.

6) Polished Concrete Appearance & Aggregate Exposure Charts – free to members

7) Maintenance Brochure – A handoff from the polishing contractor to the owner that defines best care for the polished floor.

8) Floor Protection Banner – Free high-res, downloadable file for self-printing jobsite signage up to 5’x3’. List precautions and best practices when working on a polished floor. In English and Spanish.

9) Construction Checklists

  • Checklist for the Polished Concrete Pre-Construction Conference – Creates a conversation prior to construction to uncover potential problems for the polishing contractor.
  • Supplemental Checklist for Concrete to Receive a Polished Finish – Ensure the slab to be polished has been delivered as specified, to help assure the owners’ vision will be realized.

10) Industry Publication Articles

  • Uniform Polished Concrete Starts with the Canvas (2016)
  • Specifying the Concrete Slab to be Polished (2016)
  • Why Polishing Suspended Concrete Slabs is More Likely to Disappoint Customers (2016)
  • Polished Concrete Maintenance (2016)
  • Understanding the New Polished Concrete Appearance Chart (2017)
  • How Asbestos Abatement Affects Polished Concrete Floors (2017)
  • Polished Concrete Maintenance: A Trip Through the Past and A Look Into the Future (2017)
  • The Key to Maintaining Polished Concrete (2017)
  • Schools and Facilities Weigh the Benefits of Polished Concrete (2017)
  • The Difference Between Mechanically and Chemically Polished Concrete (2017)
  • How to Protect Concrete During Construction (2017)
  • Bring Polished Concrete Up to Spec (2020)
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