What Brings You to the ASCC Hotline?

Posted on September 01, 2021 in: Technical

Jim Klinger, The Voice Newsletter September 2021

The ASCC Hotline has been in existence for about 50 years, taking calls on business, contracts/specifications and technical issues. The success of the Hotline is not about the person answering the calls, but the contractors that call in. As contractors call, more information is obtained about an issue or project, which collectively leads to a pinpoint answer, a stronger strategy, an ASCC Position Statement, or an ACI article. While the issue or solution is shared with
other contractors, the caller is always anonymous. The subjects of Hotline calls vary as shown below, but callers typically receive information that reduces their cost or schedule. Remember to use the ASCC Concrete Construction Hotline (800) 331-0668 or email ascchotline@ascconline.org or call (925) 234-2623 or email jklinger@ascconline.org.

• Bidding
• Estimating
• Finding Suppliers, Subcontractors or Consultants
• Change Orders
• RFIs
• Warranties
• Legal Advice
• Readymix
• Inspection Checklists

Contracts and Specifications
• Contract Clauses
• Subcontracting
• Scope of Work/Proposal Letters
• Contract Exclusions/Allowances
• Preconstruction Conferences
• AIA and ACI Specifications
• CSI Specification Standards
• ASTM Standards
• ICRI Requirements

• Cracks, Spalls, Popouts, Blisters, Delamination, Crazing
• Cold and Hot Weather Concreting
• Curing Requirements and Methods
• Concrete Pumping
• Placing and Finishing
• Repair, Including Removal and Replacement Issues
• Construction Tolerances
• Field and Laboratory Testing Standards and Procedures
• Inspection Issues
• Destructive and Nondestructive Tests
• Quality Control and Quality Assurance
• Formwork and Formwork Design
• Reinforcement and Post-Tensioning
• Normalweight and Lightweight Concrete Mix Designs
• Mass Concrete Requirements and Methods (Fly Ash, Slag, etc.)
• ACI Building Code Requirements
• ACI Document Interpretation

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