ST. LOUIS, MO June 10 – Volunteers from the Decorative Concrete Council (DCC) and the Manufacturers’ Advisory Council (MAC) of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) traveled to Detroit, MI March 11-12 to complete a community project for the Durfee Innovation Society.

Paul Albanelli, Albanelli Cement Contractors, Livonia, MI was the project manager for the installation at the Life Remodeled building. The project scope was to apply a four – color metallic epoxy coating to resemble water, to a concrete slab in an old pool that had been filled in, with special effects on steps and a ramp. The revived area will serve as an event space.

Materials were donated by The Euclid Chemical Co., Increte, and H & C Decorative Concrete Products (Sherwin-Williams). Labor was provided by Albanelli Cement Contractors, Birmingham Decorative Concrete, Leeds, AL; BORIDE Engineered Abrasives, Traverse City, MI; Concrete Marketing Crew, Parkland, FL; Concrete Mystique Engraving, Nashville, TN; Hyde Concrete, Pasadena, MD; Innovative Chemical Products, Ft. Worth, TX; Modern Concrete, East Providence, RI; Sundek National Accounts, Arlington, TX; and Transhield/TopCure, Elkhart, IN.

The Durfee Innovation Society exists to create substantial and impactful opportunities for Detroit children, families, and single adults while advancing collaboration among eight major sectors (arts, business, education, faith – based, government, human services, media, and philanthropy) in the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Life Remodeled focuses on the intentional and equitable revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods distinguished by significant need and hope, forming long-term relationships and partnerships.

The DCC is the only professional organization dedicated to focusing on the issues, trends and work of the decorative concrete industry, and to meeting the needs of the contractors who pursue this specialty market.

Made up of decorative concrete contractors that install decorative concrete, manufacturers, and other interested parties, the mission of the DCC is “Advancing Decorative Concrete Contractors Through Education and Networking.”

The MAC board advises ASCC on matters relating to associate membership and suggests methods of adding value to all membership opportunities.

For more information, visit or call the ASCC office at (866) 788-2722.

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