National Veteran’s Memorial & Museum

2019 | Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete Structures, Over 5000 SF

2019 DCC Award Winner
National Veteran's Memorial & Museum, Baker Concrete Construction

First Place: Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete Structures / Over 5000 SF

Designed by Allied Works Architect, this unique structure consists of three interwoven concrete rings.  As one moves from the center, three wall arches form concentric ovals that converge and diverge along their vertical plane.  This creates a structure that supports the rooftop sanctuary, while sheltering the exhibits below.  From day one, the Baker team knew this was going to be one of the most intricate projects they had ever worked on.  The team was confronted with many unique challenges including building from a virtually constructed 3D model, rather than from traditional dimensional drawings; placing an extremely high density of resteel into compound curving and arching geometric shapes; and achieving proper concrete consolidation for an as-cast finish, in a multifaceted building with heavy rebar congestion.  With over 8,000 cubic yards of concrete, the building’s frame is one of the most complex concrete structures to ever be built in Ohio.

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