Contractor Member Benefits

Concrete contractors can position their organization for success in the industry by becoming an active member in the ASCC.

Contractor membership benefits are designed to impact every professional within your organization, allowing your employees to stay on track with the latest methods in concrete construction and network with like-minded peers.

Dues are based on annual sales volume, allowing contractors of all sizes to become an ASCC-member contractor. Learn more about contractor membership in the ASCC!

Industry-Leading Expertise to Keep Your Firm Ahead of the Curve

Employees of ASCC member contractors are among the most highly trained in the industry and have the resources to advance their knowledge and expertise. These include:

  • FREE access to ASCC member hotlines, staffed by experts to answer questions on concrete construction, safety & insurance, decorative concrete and polished concrete.
  • FREE access to ASCC Position Statements. These 43 one-page papers provide guidance to designers & owners on common issues concrete contractors face every day.
  • FREE access to the ASS contractor E-mail forum. Members submit business & technical questions to be answered by their peers via email. We’ll help assist with anything from curling and sealers to timesheets. Past Q&A responses are archived for easy reference on the website.
  • FREE Access to the ASCC Troubleshooting Newsletter -  Q&A from member hotline calls are compiled in this technical newsletter. Full sets of past Q&A can be purchased at a discount
  • FREE participation in the ASCC mentoring program The ASCC mentoring program is a great way for leaders in your organization to get involved helping members with lesser knowledge. Likewise, younger members of your organization benefit from becoming a mentee and seeking guidance in any aspect of the business.
  • Our Mentor Advisory Board -The ASCC hand-selects contractors to provide advice to members who don’t need a full-time mentor but could use guidance in areas of concrete construction and business management.

Network Nationally with Like-Minded Contractors

Along with industry-specific information, contractor members in the ASCC are afforded valuable networking opportunities with other members. These include:

  • Opportunities to attend the biggest events in the concrete industry at a reduced fee, including events like World of Concrete, the ASCC Annual Conference, the Concrete Executive Leadership Forum & others.
  • MIX groups - The Management Information eXchange (MIX) Groups program is FREE for members, and allows owners and upper management of concrete construction firms to share best practices without violating antitrust laws. 

Valuable Safety Resources

ASCC Safety resources ensure your most important assets – your employees are always better informed and protected. By adhering to proven safety measures, you prevent accidents which can cause lost time and revenue.

ASCC contractor members receive the following safety benefits:

  • Our Safety Manual – This comprehensive manual can be used as your basic safety program. Provided on a compact disk, print as needed and customize for your company. Your first copy is free.
  • Safety DVDs – These provide must-watch material for your team. All DVDs are selected and reviewed by the Safety & Risk Management Council. Your first copy is free!  

Educational Resources

A smarter workforce is a more effective workforce. ASCC contractor members advance the knowledge of their teams with:

  • Free Access to ASCC Webinars – The ASCC provides monthly 45-minute webinars, allowing members access to leading industry speakers and the hottest topics in the trade from the comfort of their offices.
  • A Free Copy of “A Guide to Selecting a Concrete Contractor” – Selecting a concrete professional comes down to more than just price. This brochure provides the small to medium-sized contractor a checklist of items such as references, drawings, safety practices, insurance coverage, etc. that are commonly used to compare your company vs. the competition. 
  • Free Magazine Subscriptions – ASCC contractor members enjoy FREE subscriptions to industry-leading publications; Concrete Construction and Concrete International.

Valuable Member Discounts

ASCC contractor members are VIPs in the concrete industry, and enjoy perks such as:

  • Discounts on industry publications
  • Discounts on special events
  • Discounted World of Concrete registration & Seminar fees
  • & More!

Benefits to Stay Informed with Our Organization

ASCC contractor members stay up-to-date on everything happening in the ASCC with our electronic newsletter and access to our Member directory, listing current members and their contact information.

Participate in The Industries Top Events

Participate in the many events hosted or sponsored by ASCC. These include:

  • The Annual Conference
  • Concrete Executive Leadership Forum
  • World of Concrete

See the ASCC events page for more information!

ASCC Specialty Councils

ASCC contractor members are welcome to join our four specialty councils. These councils help guide many of the programs and materials used by the ASCC to advance member education. Learn more about our specialty councils below:  

Become a Contractor Member in the ASCC Today!

Becoming an ASCC contactor member is achievable for organizations of all sizes. Start reaping the benefits of ASCC membership & empowering your workforce today! Learn more about contractor membership & apply online.